Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Free will Universe

This planet we call Earth, exists, lives in and is part of a free will Universe, so, YOU are in charge of your experience. You have the free will to run your program however you choose but remember that there are always consequences for your choices whether these consequences manifest now or later. Nothing in a free will Universe happens for nothing because you make it happen...it's you because life (you) creates the Universe, not the other way around. What does this mean? It means YOU are responsible for your actions, not some God, some devil, some government, some boss, some parent, some stranger...YOU!

You are a piece of Prime Source, you have a soul, you are part of the Spirit that created this experience and how this Universe is perceived depends on you. However you perceive it is true for you. If you want a different experience, change your perception of that experience, change your perception of the importance of your choices. Make your choices with a more mindful attitude, be conscious of your choices, become more aware of the choices you make. Remember that even the best of intentions sometimes go awry.

The way to really enjoy a free will Universe is to accept the consequences of your choices with grace. Be discerning of what you are choosing, be considerate of your choices, be somewhat dispassionate in your choices and remember that having free will also means learning from your mistakes which you will surely make, which you must make in order to learn. Also be aware that your choices involve other people and be aware of their feelings and the impact of your choices on them.

Living in a free will Universe is a tough assignment because you have to take responsibility for yourself and not blame others for your life.

When you finally mature into being totally responsible for your actions, you will know what Spiritual maturity is. Admit to yourself and others that you made a mistake, that you made a poor choice, that you slipped on a banana peel and then move on. That's called life lessons. They're meant to be learned from in a free will Universe.

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