Friday, June 3, 2016

Free Will Universe

We humans live in a free will Universe, a free will reality and what this essentially means is that each of us is in charge of our experience here. Oh, but I have ups and downs in my life that I can't control, you say! The belief that you are buffeted by the whims of life is a distortion.

Let me clarify. The nature of this, our physical reality, is called a duality. For example, in order to appreciate love, we must experience hate, etc. We live in a dualistic Universe and our life, being in this physical matrix, by its nature will have opposition. It is our gift of free will that allows us to see that both happiness and sadness, while opposing emotions, are really two ideas on opposite sides of the SAME coin. SADNESS IS JUST A DIFFERENT REFLECTION OF HAPPINESS. When we use our free will perception to see it is ourselves in how we perceive this duality that defines our experience, we will have come full circle in seeing that our perception creates our experience.

Experiences by themselves have no meaning. We give them meaning and the depth of that meaning comes from how deep we are, how deep our perception of the event goes. Our experience comes from how we see it, therefore, we are in charge of our experiences.

I can see now how my persona has experienced events over my life because I have looked back and evaluated what I have felt in life reviews I have done. I can see the levels of trauma events have caused in me because I perceived them in a certain way and now that I have matured, now that my perception has deepened, I see that my view of these events at the time were misperceptions. I now use my free will to re-examine and re-perceive my memories so that I can release the trauma. You see, I can only look at myself and how I perceived events that show me how I have changed my way of being in charge of my experiences.

I can say that I don't have much drama, much overreaction to events anymore, unless that's my choice. I chose how I wish to react. That is my free will choice and even though there will still be consequences to my choices, I now use my free will to accept them with grace, whatever they are.

Our free will Universe is a great teacher, a great maturer of our souls...if we allow it.

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