Saturday, June 18, 2016

Do Everything With Love

If everything is done with love, it has the Force of the Creator behind it. Love is THE seminal Force of the Cosmos and with that Force we engage with life in all its beauty, all its abundance, all its health and happiness.

I know, for me, that when I go about my daily life with the Force of Love as my intent, everything tastes, feels, smells, sounds and looks so much better and I mean literally including having the Force of Love with, for myself where I accept myself for exactly who and what I am. Everything good flows to me. I hate nothing, I reject nothing, I live in a state of Loving detachment where I accept and love who and what you are without remorse, guilt, hate, envy, greed, covetousness, or any feeling of anger or sadness. I do not take on your problems and simply understand that that's you now. I don't have to live you, I Love you.

This state of the Force of Love that I am always in prevents me from being needy or in despair for I know how the Cosmos's based on Love. I stay true to my Higher Self and live in calmness, Cosmic unity and understanding.

My suggestion for you to end your despair is to begin to strive for your integrity. Do everything with Love, even the smallest tasks and things you do every day.

Love even those you feel are the most unlovable. The most unlovable on the planet are the most in need of love. You want to talk about salvation? This is your salvation right here: doing everything with Love.

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