Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cure Your Arrogance

The human race is arrogant and that's why we see so much suffering on Earth. Humans, you need to cure your arrogance!! However, you need to know what it is first before you can heal this affliction and most humans don't even know what arrogance really is. So, what is human arrogance?

Human arrogance is the belief of not accepting others for who they are, warts and all but demanding that others accept YOU for who you are! Yes, you go around judging and not liking others for their uniqueness, their faults, their weaknesses, you just don't tolerate them yet, yet, you want these same people you judge to accept everything about you, unconditionally. Now, that is ego, that is the definition of arrogant and it is the one belief system that is responsible for much death on the planet.

Look at all the religions that are intolerant of other religions-arrogance!!! Look at all the cultures on Earth that are intolerant of other cultures-arrogance!!! Look at all the human races that are intolerant of other races-arrogance!!! Look at rich corporations that are intolerant of their very workers and customers believing they are peasants-arrogance!!! The list goes on and on from people of different color not accepting each other to people with more or less money not accepting each other, judging each other.

I see this arrogance in the littlest of things from people who drive Mercedes Benz cars sneering at someone driving a Kia to the elderly being sneered at by the young. Arrogance is rife on our planet! It is a disease, an affliction of epic proportions and we must consciously change in ourselves.

If we keep up with this arrogance, we will destroy ourselves and our planet.

The Consciouness to develop to help you assuage your arrogance is to know that there is really only one Self here and that one Self is in everyone no matter who they are. See that Self that is in you in everyone and everything. That way, you will not see difference, you will know commonality.

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