Friday, June 24, 2016

Create Personal Reality

Many people believe that things just happen to them! This is a false mental construct, a false belief system as the true state of affairs in our existence is that life is a creative workshop that each of us participates in, that each of us owns. The problem, as I see it, is that most people simply refuse to take personal responsibility for themselves.

There is no such thing as getting anything as in a sickness, there is no such thing as your life being run by others. YOU create your personal reality and you do it in three ways:

1. You give intent for, you send out a desire, a wish for what you want to materialize.

2. You concentrate on that wish, that desire that makes it possible to visualize that wish.

3. You use emotion that simultaneously serves as a guidance system and as a fuel to increase the speed and the effectiveness of the creative process.

Depending on your level of awareness, you may be consciously creating your personal reality or you may be unconsciously doing it. To be conscious of creating your personal reality means that you are AWARE of doing it, you have discerned that the choices you have made are the best for all concerned, you know what you want to create and accept the consequences of your choices with grace so you are happy when it manifests in your life. To be creating unconsciously is to be a victim of unwanted creations that are manifested by deeply buried feelings you were not aware of, have repressed or suppressed. When you don't own, are not conscious of your creation of your personal reality, that's when things "happen" to you. You allow circumstance to control you and you remain in a state of wondering what happened.

It is up to you whether you refuse or accept to embrace your power to create your personal reality. To be honest, I prefer to be in charge. It's more fun.

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