Monday, June 6, 2016

Cosmic Shaman, Say What?

I am a Cosmic Shaman. I have a soul, the same as all humans and my soul is a Cosmic Soul, unlike many humans who are, at best, Universal.. What is the significance of this? Why am I telling you this?

The significance of my being a Cosmic Shaman is that I am one who embraces the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence of the Cosmos and my inner vision and shamanic sight encompasses the Cosmos, IS UNLIMITED IN NATURE. I am the Cosmos in form on planet Earth as opposed to being a Planetary, Solar, Galactic or Universal being. Please understand that this is an awareness. I am still under the auspices of human nature, human being, Cosmic laws and Soul Force. While there are many types of beings here on Earth in human form, there are also Cosmic beings here. I am one of them. The significance is that a being like me is here and I bring an unlimited awareness to bare on planet Earth for YOU to see that you too are unlimited in your own way, that you too have shamanic sight and inner vision, that you too can be a Spirit helper and teacher, that you too are expanding your awareness.

Why I tell you this is because it is time for you to know that Cosmic beings are here on your planet. We are here only for one thing: to be of service to the Planet and to assist humanity in the Great Shift of consciousness that is upon you now.

I have been on many planets that have gone through a shift of this kind. In a way, I am a specialist at doing this kind of service and am often called a Renegade, Lightworker, Wanderer and am called by YOU to come here and assist in your transition. As a Cosmic Shaman, I can embody anything and go anywhere in the Cosmos at the speed of thought. I am not a Panetary being as I come from a Light realm in that I am a Blue Ray Being of Love, Wisdom and Healing. My home is a state of consciousness which is Cosmic.

Now that you know that beings like me exist on Earth, you can be more at peace knowing such a one as me is here, many of us are here, voluntarily, assisting mankind in expanding its consciousness and therefore, it's awareness.  This has not always been easy to fit unlimitedness into the limitations of 3D density. It is not easy for most humans to expand their consciousness. The time is upon us for a great awakening.

Go and celebrate this knowledge. Go in peace to expand who you are.

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