Monday, May 2, 2016

Your Mirror Reflects Your Thoughts

When you look in the mirror, what you are seeing is your thought of yourself. Life, our relationships, situations, occurances and state of being are also mirrors for us. By our desires, intentions and thoughts, we attract to ourselves, the mirror of life reflects back to us, the objects of our desires, intentions and thoughts, thereby creating our personal reality. This law crowns the overall cybernetic system known as soul or "I."

Every human is a creator translating expectations into physical form. The world we live in is meant to serve as a reference point. The exterior appearance is a replica of interior desire. You can change your personal world. You do change it without knowing it. You have only to use your ability consciously, to examine the nature of your thoughts and your feelings and project those with which you basically agree.

Your mirror reflects your thoughts and so the state of your world, both inside and out, depends on you. Your contribution to this world counts. There is nothing small about you. You are an integral part of this planet no matter what you think. So, be careful what you think and put out there. Train yourself to master your thoughts so that they manifest what you truly desire to put you in a positive state, to make the world the kind of place that you would be happy to live in.

There is no such thing as something happening to you. "By the fruits you shall know the roots." What manifests in your reality is of your own making. Period.

This pill of understanding is hard to swallow and often, many don't like looking in the mirror of life because it is reflecting back to them their own lack of control, their own willfulness, their own weaknesses created by their unwillingness to see that they allow themselves to live precariously.

If your thoughts are random, your life will be random. While most know this is true, very few desire to practice this. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

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