Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Universe Talks To Me

If I ever get confused, Spiritually, I have learned to simply look around me. I look at my life and the realities of my life in all aspects. How is my health! How are my relationships? What is the condition of my home environment? What is my sustainance like? What type of abundance is in my life? I look to see what I have attracted and created in my life and that tells me where I am at, Spiritually. It is usually very clear. Why is that?

I have discovered that the Universe talks to me. The way I have learned the Universe works is that which is like itself attracts more of it . In a way, we all become, on a vibrational level, that which we are seeking.

I have come to see and therefore pay attention to the reality that everything is in Union with everything else. If there is radiant health outside of you, without, then there is radiant health within. If there is soul fulfillment inside of you, there is soul fulfillment outside of you. The Universe reflects back to you what is inside of you whether you are unconscious of what is inside or not. If you are confused about what is going on with why your life is a certain way, pay attention to those exact conditions of your life and let them remind you that they are there because you put them there. You are the Universe and you are the creator. You are in a do loop of a reality that will show you what is going on inside, that is, what is going on inside your subconscious mind, your conscious thoughts, your beliefs, your feelings, your ideas. What is inside of you manifests as your waking reality and there it is, you speaking to you!!!!

When something happens or does not happen in your life, don't blame the Universe because that's blaming yourself!!! If you feel like you are not sure about why or why not in terms of what's in or not in your life, look carefully at your life because the very hints about what's there or not there are right in front of you.

For example, if love is not in your life, don't say it's because the Universe is not giving it to you. YOU are not loving yourself, YOU are not giving love to others. Love must be within first. You must give to get. The Universe, life, shows you this. You must be willing to look at it.

Whatever you desire in life, put it out there. Remember to be positive and loving, not destructive or hurtful.

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