Thursday, May 26, 2016

States Of Consciousness

Whether you are aware of this or not, whether you are in touch with this or not, we as human beings, flow many times a day between different states of consciousness. How do we know this? How do we experience this?

Emotion, because it brings feeling and connects us to feeling, allows us to recognize different states of consciousness. What makes us emotional are a myriad of things from hiking on a forest trail, seeing sunlight pouring on the path making us feel a calmness being in nature to looking at our bank account and feeling a fear that we may not have enough for all our bills. When you are connected to feelings in this natural way, you are in a state of consciousness. In the examples I gave, you can see that the states are at different levels of awareness. This happens with us many times a day. One minute we can be in Spiritual awe and the next minute filled with resentment over a seemingly stupid mistake we or someone else has made. Whatever emotion is engendered in you will bring feelings and these feelings demonstrate to you that you are experiencing a level of consciousness.

Sometimes your emotions give you the feeling that you are in the flow and sometimes you experience feeling like you are stuck. Again, these are indicative of states of consciousness, scopes of dimensions that are real "places" that we are "in." If you are not conscious of it, you are not "there."

Why is this important or even relevant? It is important to recognize your states of consciousness because this is who we human beings are: multidimensional beings who are emotional and have feelings as a way of knowing where we are in terms of our awareness. To me, that's why the dumbing down of our emotional intelligence is extremely dangerous. It takes away the very fiber of who we are. It dulls the communication from our soul which speaks in the language of emotions and thus feelings. I see everyone wanting to shut down emotion or that emotion is weakness. My friends, it's just the opposite!!!

Feeling your states of consciousness makes you empowered, powerful, aware, in touch and authentic. When you cut yourself off from emotion, you are heading toward disease.

It's simple-feel or perish! Humans are not meant to be unfeeling zombies.

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