Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our Biggest Communication Gap

Humanity's biggest communication problem is a gap and that gap, that space, that area that causes so many communication problems between humans is that we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply. We seek only to be understood, not to understand. How many of us have a silent mind when we are in conversations with others and are in the now moment simply listening to what the other is saying? What I see is that most people are constantly trying to make their point, prove their point, win an argument, prove they are right!!!

When you are waiting in your communication just to reply and say what you want to say and not really hearing what the other is saying, you are simply having a monologue and not a dialogue. You are engaging in a soliloquy! You must be the kind of person who loves to hear their own voice!!! You are simply there to hear your own thoughts and thus the gap I mentioned above. When you are concerned only with what YOU think, there is no communication going on, there is no listening.

I have found listening to be the greatest of arts in which you can discover what is in the very hearts and minds of the people you are conversing with. When you listen without judgement, without stigma, without morality, you find out the truth and you find it much quicker than if you tried only to get your point across. Remember that you have one mouth and two ears, so it makes more sense to listen twice as hard as you are talk. REAL LISTENING HELPS CREATE LESS PROBLEMS BETWEEN PEOPLE!!!

Real listening takes patience. If you want to get ahead in life, develop this patience to listen because people love to talk about themselves and will feel good about you, will want to be your friend, will want to work with you when you have patiently listened to them. They may not always consciously understand why they like you at first but they will want to continuously be in your presence. This is where being charismatic starts.

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