Friday, May 27, 2016

Multidimensional Humans

Human means a being who is multidimensional. This is not knowledge, this is not a belief, this is not an opinion. This is a truth.

Multidimensional humans are humans that consciously exist in many different places all at once. Human beings do not end where their skin ends. Human beings do not end where the aura or etheric body ends. Humans exist in many different realities as real as this physical one which is really slowed down Spirit.

When we speak of multidimensional, we are speaking of being in many actual places, actual constructs, actual consciousnesses simultaneously that are as real as the vibratory level of our sensate reality of physicality.

Why is this of any real importance or even significance? In my perception, the importance and significance of this multidimensional awareness is to help us to realize we are so much more than our sensate reality where we can rise above and cast off useless feelings of depression, sorrow, or self-recrimination in order to retrieve our health. We can access many other realities to help us better cope in this physical one.

Here's an example. When we have a sense of flow in our lives, when all seems to be coming our way, effortlessly, like it's flowing to and through us, as in money, love, friends, happiness, peace, etc., this is a dimension we are in, this is a place, a consciousness construct we have access to and we have access to many of these places. This changes our perception that we are stuck in only one reality. We are not.

If you don't believe in any of this, all I ask is that you simply remember times in your life when you were in a flow, when things were flowing to you. Also remember when you were not in this place and think about what happened. Why did you leave this feeling of flow? When you explore that and remember, you will have gotten a glimpse of your own multidimensionality.

You are much more than you have been led to believe. Time to open your eyes and see what's real

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