Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Am The Bringer Of The Dawn

I, as a member of the Family of Light, am a bringer of the dawn. My titanic vibrational level is Cosmic and unlimited in nature and I am here to be this so that YOU may see that this is real and possible. When you feel me, know that your takeaway must be a conscious realization that there is so much more to you than all you believe in this 3 D matrix.

Do not be fooled by life's ups and downs as you make your way through your human experience. You are much more than human. When you have those days when you're down, tired, angry, frustrated, lethargic, sick and in pain, just remember that you are Spirit having a human experience that you signed up for, that you were anxious to experience. Everything, including your pain is of your choosing for the purpose of achieving soul awareness expansion.

The Family of Light is here on Earth as holders of high vibrational energy as a way for you to see that this is real. You as a being of Light is real!!! We are here for YOU. We do not HAVE to be here. We consciously engaged in the wheel of incarnated life in this matrix to assist the planet in shifting to a higher vibrational level as part of man's destiny to populate the Galaxy. However, you will be prevented from moving off planet if you continue your bellicose ways, your ways of tribal warfare., your ways of murder, judgement, strife, slavery and devolution.

Your sickness and pain is caused by you in refusing to acknowledge and be who you really are-Spirit having a human experience for the purpose of expanding your soul's awareness to realize the futility of bowing to your ego.

When you are feeling down, that's your ego ruling. When you are dejected, that's the domain of your persona and psyche. This is a sign that you have yet to reach a certain level of physical, mental and emotional mastery. When you are down, remember that the bringers of the dawn are here for you. Let us lift you up. Let us remind you that your suffering has a purpose. You are not here for nothing.

You, human being, are here to mature. I, as a bringer of the dawn, remind you that everything's OK and you must start paying attention to who you really are-a being of Light with infinite possibilities.

Go be infinite. It won't hurt, I promise.

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