Sunday, May 29, 2016

Human-You Are Playing In A Sandbox

Human, creation, the Earth, is a big sandbox that Spirit has made for you to play in. There is no inherent morality, there is no emotion, feeling, ideas or beliefs in your pail and shovel that you play with in your sandbox and your friends who play along with you in the sandbox.

All of your angst about being in the sandbox and what you perceive tells me about YOU. Your greed, your murdering, your wars, your hate, your intolerance, is about you, human, not about the sandbox and what's in it or who's with you. The sandbox, the things in it and the humans with you just are, it is you that puts beliefs there and those beliefs tell me the level of your soul, your emotion, your intellect, your consciousness, your karma.

If you are hitting your friend with your pail and shovel, if you are stealing your friend's pail and shovel, this tells me you are an immature soul and an immature human. You are still a little baby crying because you think that hitting others, taking from others is why you're in the sandbox. Not so fast. You are not in the sandbox to create misery. You are in this sandbox to play and have fun. Joy is a high state of being and if you are not in joy (enjoy) while you are in the sandbox then you have it all confused, you are in a state of distortion of thinking, you are either ignoring or are blind to the truth of this reality.

Again, what's in the sandbox has no inherent meaning, the things there just are. It is you, human, that gives them meaning, it is you that gives them a sense of right and wrong, it is you who is evil, not the devil or some ghoul of your imagination that you created to take the heat off your terrible ways.

Grow up, human. It's time for you to mature and realize that your sandbox is for you to play in, to create in, to love in, to enjoy. All the other heinous stuff you do there is a waste of your time. All your arguing about who's right about a true religion-waste of time. There is NO true religion!!!! All your divisiveness about political left and right-a waste of time. There is no better in blue state or red state. All your prejudice, intolerance, hate, envy, murder, war, greed, jealousy, competition and judgement are a gross waste of time. I laugh at you in your ways of destruction to yourself and others. It's hilarious to watch you unnecessarily grovel!

 The sandbox is for you to have fun and while having fun, learn a few things about creation.

What you feel in the sandbox as you play must be happiness, not hate or angst. That you feel anything negative while in your sandbox is telling you that you have a disease of the mind that is called belief that you let control you. Beliefs are puffs of mental constructs that are not real. Stop being so serious about them. Relax. Go play in the sandbox.

Time to build sand castles not kick sand in your neighbor's face!!!!!

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