Sunday, May 1, 2016

How's Your Spiritual Plumbing?

Cybernetics is the science of interactions between systems and we humans are gifted with a complex of many layers that contain cybernetic circuits or chakras. These chakras are responsible for conducting the flow of our soul's consciousness, energy and act as a kind of Spiritual plumbing.

As long as all your circuits, chakras of consciousness are not open, or blocked or not running optimally, your Spiritual plumbing will be backed up and you will be limited in your perception, understanding and action on all levels. Just remember that the lack of balance in the soul is not an "existential mistake."

When you ignore the essential nature of who you are, that is, an energy complex that lives multidimensionally, you are practicing the art of hemming yourself in, you are giving in to the tribulations of the lower ego. This refusal to recognize your true identity as a cybernetic complex, an energy system is your infantile soul encrusted in one circuit, the lower, sensate one, to the exclusion of the other circuits through its own blindness.

This reality of what you are takes practice understanding and then functioning as. Here is a list of the "Circuits of Consciousness" and what their energy is as codified by Dr. Timothy Leary in his eight brain model of consciousness:

1. Root chakra or circuit is the vital energy center in our body, our connection to the Earth that is the consciousness of love, abundance and health. It is terrestrial.

2. Sacral chakra or the circuit of politico-territorial consciousness/this is your emotional center that is also terrestrial.

3. Solar or navel circuit or chakra of intellectual or conceptual consciousness representing your belief systems, your dogma. This, again, is terrestrial.

4. The heart chakra is the center of the socio-sexual circuit or energy. This is commonly understood as the cultural consciousness and represents our "great leap" into the supra-terrestrial dimensions.

5. The throat or somatic chakra which represents energy. You are supra-terrestrial.

6. The third eye or brow chakra is the psychic level of consciousness. You function multidimensionally in the energy of this circuit. It is supra-terrestrial.

7. The crown or mystico-religious chakra that is your circuit of the Universal. Supra-terrestrial to say the least.

8. The Soul Star or assemblage point chakra that is quantum and Cosmic in nature. This is your connection to the Creator and is supra-terrestrial.

The reality that humans are circuits of interrelated consciousness dimensions, that we function in layers of realities through which our soul perceives, understands and acts is a truly important understanding for expanding our awareness., for exploring in and living in. In working on your Spiritual plumbing, you enter into becoming a "cyber shaman." That is, a human who seeks balance, not obsession. You are not meant to function in just the lower three circuits.

In this sense, the sense of really knowing how and why your Spiritual plumbing is operating, you are a cyber shaman and as a cyber shaman, experience initiates Spiritual authority.

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