Sunday, May 15, 2016

How I Create My Personal Reality

I woke up one day to discover that I am a major manifestor. I found out that I am really good at creating my personal reality. At first, I thought it was a reality happening TO me and my reaction to this reality was my life experience. Boy, was I mistaken. There are three steps that I was, at first, unconsciously following to create my personal reality and once I awoke to this consciously in that I saw how the creation mechanics in my life operated, I used these three steps or rules with positive and conscious intent:

1. You must have a wish you want to materialize. This is not a goal, it is an implicit intent.

2. It is critical to develop and maintain the concentration that makes it possible to visualize that wish, to see that intent.

3. You must have emotion around your wish, your intent. You must not just think it, you must feel it and these emotions simultaneously serve as a guidance system and a fuel to increase the speed and the effectiveness of the creative process.

Your personal reality just doesn't happen to you, you create it no matter how badly you want to deny this truth or believe otherwise. Anything in your life is your creation.

I am living proof, a living testament to the fact that I created and continue to create my personal reality. I can't be lying about this because I have changed my reality in my life many times and many have shared this with me and many have seen this.

May I suggest that the first belief system you agree with today is to begin taking responsibility for yourself.

Life is a "creative workshop" in which YOU are the creative artist. Your canvas is nature, form and your paintbrush is Spirit, your soul, your intent.

Create your personal reality and learn to to live with your creations in contentment, peace and wholeness.

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