Monday, May 30, 2016

Forgiveness Is High Consciousness

Today, find forgiveness in your heart for yourself and others and you will experience what a high consciousness feels like. The vibration of forgiveness goes beyond the level of lower ego/persona/psyche and moves you into the higher frequencies beyond this 3D matrix, and it is this lower 3D matrix where most humans seem to be stuck, refusing the call to higher ego/persona/psyche.

Find it in your heart to apologize, to forgive, to release and let go of harm others did to you and you did to others. You cannot move on in life otherwise. Not forgiving is the greatest example of human false pride. It is the greatest example of willfulness in humans who refuse to let go of beliefs and feelings that are causing their devolution while also seeing that the experience is over and that it is time for renewal.

Most of the world lives in the 3D matrix that believes forgiving is a weakness, that it is a sign that you have given in to a wrong someone has done to you. While the wrong someone has done to you is very real and the hurt is palpable, holding on to the hurt is far worse for your mental and emotional health and your future happiness than the actual hurtful event. You will not be able to be in the now with your future relationships because you have not forgiven and are stuck in the past. For example, if you had a husband or wife who cheated on you and you divorced them, you cannot carry that betrayal forward in your life. You must forgive your husband or wife and forgive yourself. This allows you to heal your inner wound and be open to new relationship potentials. When you don't forgive them and yourself, you are cutting yourself off from future happiness. You are stuck in a time warp. Is that want you want? Is that how you want to live?

Forgiving is not just for the individual. This goes for communities, cities, countries, leaders, religions,  corporations, etc. Forgiveness is a sign of strength. The strength to move past injustices done to you long ago. Now, I didn't say forget. I'll give you remembering, for a while. When you're ready, you must forget but use the experience as a means of gaining wisdom so that you don't do it or let it happen again.

I now forgive myself for all those I harmed and I forgive all those who have harmed me. I apologize if I hurt you in any way. I stand strong in the knowledge that I will be ever mindful not to repeat these offenses ever again. I have learned. I am free now.

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