Saturday, May 7, 2016

Energy Feeler

If you are a conscious energy feeler, you know what it's like to not only be empathic but to also be sensitive to the dynamics of energy. I am talking about feeling another's emotions or feeling the energy of an apartment, a house, food, a religious group, a political candidate. This ability is inherent in human beings as we are psychic beings that naturally pick up on the energy of everything since everything is energy including ourselves. Many simply shut off this ability to perceive energy as the ability has been conditioned out of them through mass consciousness that says this is somehow not good. Oh no, we can't perceive at that level, that's evil, the devil, blasphemy and on and on. This is human stupidity at its height.

There are many techniques, both ancient and modern that help humans perceive and work with energy in order to heal and balance people's energetic systems for greater health and sustainance. One very notable form of energy work is called Reiki and another is the EMF balancing techniques of Peggy Dubrow that works with the human electromagnetic field. There are many others including acupuncture that works with the energy meridians of the body or the chakra energy clearing work of Carol Tuttle. What do you think indigenous tribes all over the world, including Native American Medicine People and Peruvian Shamans have been working with for thousands of years to heal -energy.

This energy work is not some fakery. It is real and palpable work that heals and acknowledges humans as energy complexes and not machines or lumps of flesh that should only be cut into  or given a pill in order for there to be healing.

There is also the power of thought to heal our out-of-balance energetic systems. Yes, we can heal ourselves with our thoughts. If thoughts can wound and kill, they can also calm and heal.

Being aware of our energetic reality and working with it takes a certain level of consciousness, of awareness and many don't believe in this modality of healing due to the conditioning they receive(d) from Big Pharma and Western medicine that says they are only a physical machine.

We are an energy complex and everything we need to heal ourselves with is in the Earth and inside of us.

When you begin to re-train yourself to be the natural energy feeler that you are, you will notice that much of your lifestyle is energetically hurting you, from the processed foods you ingest to the pollution you allow into your environment. It's energy. It's a consciousness.

You can change it for the better. Physician heal thyself.

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