Friday, May 20, 2016

Emotion Generates Feeling

From where I perceive, I see so much confusion about what the differences between emotions and feelings are. Not only is there much misunderstanding of emotions and feelings but no one seems to want to feel deeply or to deal honestly with their emotions anymore.

First things first. Emotion generates feeling. Emotion is the noun and feeling is the verb as in when we have emotion, we experience emotions by feeling them. You can know you are emotional but you can't know what those emotions are, what they mean, why they are there until you feel them. That's why the shutting down of feelings is a dangerous habit for humans. When we shut down feelings, we are cutting off our soul's need to communicate its quantum awareness with us and thus we lose a very critical part of our humanness. We lose our ability to learn, to understand the deeper workings of our being, our own unique response to living. Without feeling, we become unfeeling zombies capable of much suffering and chaos. Look around our planet and see the lack of feeling in humans in operation in the war, greed, murder, plunder, mental illness and high use of anxiety drugs that is going on right now.

We are made to think that being emotional is bad. While feeling deeply is not that easy as recurring emotions can be painful, it is essential in maintaining our humanness and our connection to our soul. I have found that it is better to handle and feel difficult emotions in the long run as repressing, denying, numbing or self-medicating them only puts them off for a short while with their inevitable return in some way in the future causing physical harm to our bodies in the form of debilitating mental,emotional and physical diseases. Stuffing emotions down is also a sure way to increase anxiety and depression.

Emotions are to be, want to be and must be felt. There is no other way as that is how the human being is built. If you want a greater understanding of, a greater connection to and with your soul, allow yourself to feel the emotion that comes through your soul. I know that sometimes it is overwhelming as I speak from the experience of my beloved wife, Maureen's sudden death four years ago. It traumatized me deeply. I learned to handle these difficult feelings. I learned that your soul speaks through emotion, the souls of others, living or not, speak through emotion. Part of maturing as a human being is accepting your soul and its level of awareness. This is something you CAN handle no matter how deep, uncomfortable or sad it makes you feel. It's called human being.

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