Friday, March 18, 2016

Reclaim The Power Of Knowing

It is time, in my estimation, to reclaim the power of your knowing and advise yourself, think for yourself and become a thought leader. Learn how YOU truly feel not what the media or a book tells you. This is the time to use your own discernment and not be brainwashed by what you have read in some text, whether the text is sacred or not, heard on a newscast or read on-line or in a newspaper. Forget all of that. Reclaim the power of your own knowing by going within yourself where all knowing resides. That's right. ALL KNOWING IS WITHIN YOU!!!

To know is important and to be aware that KNOWING NEVER ENDS is the key to understanding, great wisdom and enlightenment. Understand that knowing is a continuum in which you can always know more, you can always know more about a subject, you can always go deeper into knowing, it is not a closed circle.

Many are of the opinion and it is just that, an opinion, that they know something. They DO know something and they don't know ALL of that something because there is ALWAYS more to know of that something as information deepens and awareness expands. I laugh at those who say they know and that includes myself. I do know something and I don't have definitive knowing except that I know where to go to find out more: WITHIN.

Reclaiming your power of knowing is like remaining an open circle where more, new knowledge can come in and that knowledge can also be shared in an ever widening circle. When you allow more knowing into your awareness you also radiate this knowing, wisdom and information like ripples in the Universe that keep moving further and further into the Cosmos, never stopping. A closed circle lets nothing new in, does not expand. Don't be a closed circle and say it is only one way and you know the answer to the exclusion of more information. This is not wise.

Advise yourself with the knowledge that is ALREADY inside you, the knowledge of your soul, of your Spirit that is there for you to mine like gold, like diamonds. You are rich with knowledge within yourself. Look there first before you accept someone else's knowledge. Look there before you allow another to advise you. This is true wisdom. This is true discernment.

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