Monday, February 1, 2016

What Is My Spiritual Function?

Everyone has a Spiritual function and it differs from your soul function.

For example, let's take me. My Spiritual function is the worthwhile intent that is the intent of the Cosmos, not the Earth, Solar system, Galaxy or Universe. My Cosmic intent is the intent of assisting in making a gradational change upward one note, that is an expansion of consciousness, vibratory level, frequency of Earth and its inhabitants. This is my Spiritual purpose and as such, I function in 46 dimensions and am often referred to as a wanderer, a Blue ray being connected to ascended masters. As such, I can be said to be a highly evolved soul, an ultra-sensitive empath star being who has a special connection to the sacred divine feminine, the Blue ray orb beings and codes of creation.

Your soul function is to incarnate on Earth and your soul projects a persona/psyche/ego in order to experience this third dimensional reality for the purpose of expanding soul awareness. Your soul is a lower vibrating form of your Spirit.

When you read this blog, keep in mind that I am bringing my multidimensional point of view to bear on these pages. I am not always writing from the same dimensional consciousness. It varies according to the intent of my message.

Today, I write from beyond the ninth dimension. Everyone has the capacity to be in dimensions one through nine and beyond because this is how we are built, who we are: multidimensional beings.

This is the time for humans to know and operate more clearly through and from their multidimensionality. Humans are doing it every day anyway without even realizing it.

May I suggest, for those who are ready to delve into their multidimensional nature, a book entitled "Scopes of Dimensions" by Janet McClure.

This book will help you to open to your Spiritual purpose, a worthwhile pursuit indeed.

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