Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Life On Earth Is Just An Experience

Life on Earth is just an experience, the purpose of which is so that your soul can express your persona/psyche/ego and have experiences that help to expand its awareness. Earth is a school. We come here to learn in a 3 D matrix program that is a realm specifically created for this experience game we play, ad infinitum!

Right now, for many who are shifting to higher dimensions of consciousness with the Earth's shift, many are questioning why they are here, what is the meaning of all this? They are having deep spiritual experiences that feel bad or difficult to them that are moving them to the higher planes of existence and they are having a hard time because most of their fellow humans are refusing to experience this.

They feel like a stranger in a strange land and they want out. They don't see the purpose for all this aggravation.

If you are feeling this way, I go back to my admonition at the beginning of this blog: IT IS AN EXPERIENCE YOU CHOSE TO HAVE!!! YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS BRAVE SOUL!

You are here on Earth to have these experiences and they are not a punishment and you're not going crazy. It's all part of the great shift and you are playing a part in it. 

If you are feeling put upon, anxious, lonely, fearful, and a host of many other feelings engendered by this change in consciousness, please understand that this is temporary. You are moving through a great experience and your soul not only loves it, it can take it. Connect with your soul and maintain an even keel. Dive into these difficult feelings and know it's just an experience as part of your life on Earth.

Sometimes, as we walk along our experiential path, we have quiet experiences and sometimes they are rough and tumble experiences. This is the nature of this life here: ups and downs. Find ways to maintain your serenity, calmness, inner peace and tranquillity. The going is going to be tough for a while.

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