Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Lies Are Stone. Truth Is Water."

Your lies are like stones that sink you, that swallow you up, that confine you to a dark, untrue place.

Truth is like water, flowing, moving and carrying you to newer and brighter horizons.

To progress on your own wisdom path, you must speak, be and live not only YOUR truth but THE truth. What is THE truth that I am speaking of? It is THE truth that comes from the clarity and wisdom of the heart that knows that our true nature is a Spiritual one. Soulfulness is our true calling.

We lie to ourselves and others when we believe and say that this physicality is all there is, that when you die, the lights go out and you are no more. We lie to ourselves when we act toward ourselves and others like there is no soul in us and we behave like mechanical wind-up dolls with only an intellectual concept of what love and soul are, when, in truth, THEY are the operators of all we are.

We are lying to ourselves and others by staying in concept of what this reality is instead of operating from the experiences of our souls. It's not about what you believe, it's about what you experience that makes you true.

Stop being in your head and start being in your heart. Start being that wisdom that you are experiencing and seeking on your own wisdom path. For as Vywamus says, as channeled by Janet McClure in the book, "Scopes of Dimensions," "Wisdom is divine proportion from a heart perspective. It oversees the use of all heart qualities. How much humility, how much trust, how much receptivity, how much allowingness should you use as you function within the cocreator process in partnership with humanity? Knowing the answer to this is true wisdom. Wisdom knows the balancing that uses all heart qualities through a conceptual strength that penetrates into divine beingness. It is not really attached to doingness. You are wise, then, to allow the divine to appear more clearly even when there does not seem to be an immediate need to refer to it."

There is no room for self-deception, self-delusion on your own wisdom path. Your essential nature is soul. Be true to that. The wisdom path is water. It is not "sink or swim", it is releasing the stones that are holding you beneath the water. Let go of your self-deception, your lies and breath some fresh air lest you wish to drown out THE truth.

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