Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Beginning today, maintain your innocence. This act will, in itself, bring you much peace. Don't get caught in the chaos of the adult world where fear, greed and suffering are common place. Seek relief from seriousness and severity. Open your heart to those things that gave you joy as a child. Remember the preciousness of fantasy and imagination. Honor the playfulness of Spirit that lets everyone win.

This sense of innocence is a return to your original Self that is based on the purity of Spirit. It takes you out of the stress of the lower, mundane 3D matrix stresses that are the cause of so much physical and mental illness.

Determine to be proactive in this inner innocence and not jaded by the distortions, delusions, illusions and misperceptions of the mass consciousness. Paradise was never lost, it was simply relinquished by us to those who convinced us that it was wrong to live there. Gain the happiness of paradise by accepting your true nature as an expression of Spirit: sacred, holy, divine, peaceful, innocent and abundant.

This is your natural condition. Don't let it be robbed front you by the unconscious vagaries of the ignorant, the ignorant who have allowed others steeped in the misperceptions of society to convince them to live lives of guilt through political, religious, educational and financial belief systems that no longer apply.

Begin to free yourself today from the misaligned 3 D matrix that professes love and promotes hate. Move, now, into joy, rapture, happiness, bliss, equanimity and serenity because it is your birthright. It is the true nature of who you are!

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