Saturday, February 6, 2016

I Don't Accept Death, Therefore I Don't Die

Humans can't and don't accept death. How do we humans deal with death that is all around us, including our own someday? Not all that gracefully at times.

While I have have experienced the death of many loved ones and many friends and associates, I have come to understand that no matter what I say, do or believe, that on the level of my persona/psyche/ego, I cannot accept death. So, I have agreed with myself not to accept it. I have agreed with myself to stop asking why, why, why and banging my head against the wall trying my best to cope and understand death. I no longer challenge death because I know I can't accept it on a certain level. I now have peace about death.

That being said, when it comes to knowing death and what it's about, I go to the level of Spirit. On that level, I know there is no death, no death is inappropriate and you can't die if your soul is not ready to move on. It won't happen. Period. Your soul drives the bus.

What I learned about death by connecting with Spirit is that death is not death, it is birth. When the persona/psyche/ego is relinquished by the soul, our mental bodies, emotional bodies and consciousness remain in tact and move or are "born"into higher vibrating dimensions where we live just like we live here in the third dimension...of course, minus our lower sensory functions. We are still alive. 

When we die, we return to a Spiritual reality and leave the lower physical one. This is not a problem. It's just a different state of being. All the drama around death has been manufactured by a business called the funeral business, by the suffering of those that choose to leave their bodies with great drama and misery.

The human is not having a Spiritual experience, Spirit is having a human experience and learning to cope with that. Spirit is already evolved. It is the human that is evolving and death is simply how Spirit, through soul, enters and leaves this stage called "life." The human learns to evolve through physical life experience where we come to terms with death not as an end but as a beginning!

I no longer accept death, therefore I don't die. Understand?

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