Friday, February 26, 2016

Humans, Master Beings

The human is a master being that contains the soul, Spirit. The human soul is a master angelic being of a high order that is God having a physical, soulful experience.

All humans are masters and have forgotten this and have given up their power to lesser beings, beings that are not masters.

The time has come to not only remember who you are but to accept that you are a master and to live as such, be as such.

Here are the things you can do as a human master that you already are:

1. Create your reality as you deem it to be.

2. Create your own healing and well being.

3. Live as long as you like.

4. Have wealth, abundance and sustainance which is your natural state.

4. Commute through the higher dimensions because you ARE a multidimensional being.

5. Receive Love of all kinds because you already are the radiance of Love as who you are.

6. Slough off the shackles of the sleepwalkers who would convince you that you are nothing.

7. Exist in a telepathic reality which is a natural ability of human masters.

You are a master being. Time to get with the program and let go of all the fakery that has tied you down.

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