Monday, February 29, 2016

Cultivate And Build

Stop wasting any time critizing and tearing down. If you are reading this and stepping on your own wisdom path, your path is then cultivating and building so that you are ensuring that you are in tune with nature, the elements, divine proportion and giving encouragement to ALL growing things.

As you cultivate and build, just remember this important wisdom: "By the fruits shall you know the roots."

It is time to release old wounds, to meet your shadow self and embrace your duality so that you can move into and be unity, to let go of old, worn out belief systems that no longer serve you. From this state of clarity, you can be a wisdom keeper who is constructive and not destructive.

You no longer have to argue, fight back, be accusatory, insecure, mean-spirited or hurtful. These are the lessons you have already learned regardless if the mass consciousness is still stuck in these negative modes. You no longer need to hold on to these out-dated emotions, you no longer need to be reactive, temperamental, dominating, blunt, defiant or condescending. You begin anew by cultivating and building up yourself and developing a clarity of being first that projects your Light, your Love. You have this within you.

Be this now, don't wait. Start within, treating yourself with Light and with Love, then you can be these things.

In this way, you will plant the seeds of fruit that will be beautiful, delicious, enjoyable and most of all, nourishing of the Spirit.

Being angry and retaliatory is old energy. Is that what you want to project, old energy? I didn't think so!!!

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