Monday, January 4, 2016

Why Are We Here?

Why do we, as souls, as Spirit, incarnate on this sphere called Earth and have this human experience? What's this really all about?

What my perception has received from the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence is that our soul, which is a lower vibrating piece of Spirit, of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence Itself, incarnates into the physical formate of the human kind in order to experience expansion in soul self-awareness and most importantly, the awareness that we are essentially divine and are having a sacred experience albeit, physical.

We come here to gain the awareness in our souls that we are God. We come here to self-realize the sacred nature of existence. Every experience we have on Earth is teaching us this. We come here to experience God in form...who we are.

Now, there is a wrinkle here we must consider: free will. We must consider this gift from the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence because it allows us to to be aware of having this sacred experience on Earth or NOT. Our choice. You can go through NOT seeing this human experience as sacred, not connecting to your soul, not acknowledging Spirit. Your free will allows you to balance between being aware that you are God or NOT.

The Creative Source Infinite Intelligence leaves accepting and becoming aware and connecting to your soul or not up to you. God does not judge you if you remain unaware of your soul's desire to expand its awareness through Earthly experience. You will eventually get to that awareness but God leaves it up to you. He doesn't force feed you!!! You're on your own with this. That is the nature of stepping onto your own wisdom path. Finding this for yourself!

This allowance, acceptance, awareness and connection to your soul, to the awareness that you are Spirit, God, the Universe is the most essential spiritual act you can do in a human lifetime.

That's why we humans are here on Earth. We are here to know ourselves as Spirit, as God. All you have been taught by religion up to this point has been to negate this. Religion has taught the opposite. That's human free will in action. Be aware of this.

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