Monday, January 25, 2016

Trust Your Path

"The warrior who trusts his path doesn't need to prove the other is wrong." Paulo Coelho

Trusting your path. How do we come to this trust? In my experience, trusting our path comes about from having a deep relationship with Spirit and allowing Spirit to guide you as you use your wise discernment as well as your free will choices to move along your path. This path of connection with Spirit is the path of no yourself or others.

To understand Spirit's voice takes practice. We must come to know the difference between how our persona/psych/ego thinks and how our Spirit guides us or "thinks." By the way, Spirit doesn't think. Spirit just is but it sends so-called "thoughts" through the language of intuition. It is our persona/psych/ego that does not trust, that wishes to prove the other wrong, that wishes to analyze, compartmentalize, prove right vs. wrong.

The urging of Spirit NEVER steers you wrong. Once you have developed clarity with Spirit, truly know its voice, you will trust in its guidance. Develop this trust by engaging with Spirit by allowing it to speak with you. The first and foremost way is to develop your intuition. To open your third eye and allow Spirit a chance to communicate with you. Some of the ways to enhance your intuitive abilities and open your channels to Spirit are meditation, contemplation, periods of solitude, spending time with and in nature, listening to calming, spiritual music, lighting insense, saging your home, releasing belief systems that no longer work for you and reading sacred texts.

Spirit reaches out to you in your church, your temple which you live's called your body. You can sit at your kitchen table and receive messages from Spirit.

Learn to delineate Spirit's voice. It will help you along your wisdom path, a path you can and will trust.

You will never need to prove you are right and the other wrong.

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