Saturday, January 30, 2016


"You will only find tranquillity once you accept the need for a little self-examination in your life." From "A Thousand Paths To Tranquillity" by David Baird

Studying oneself, becoming aware of one's wholeness, that is, one's good AND bad qualities, living a life of more introspection, contemplation and self-analysis is not an easy path but it is a necessary requirement of the Wisdom Path. You cannot be a Wisdom Keeper without life-long self-examination, examination that leads you to enlightenment and a state of tranquillity.

Why is this so? I have found that examining myself, really knowing myself, has led to my inner state of comfort that all life is a continuum. Life everlasting is the way of who and what I am as a sovereign being who, in this Universe, is given free will to arrive at self-understanding in the way I choose to arrive at it. This is true for everyone of us if we are willing to let go of the sad mantra that "ignorance is bliss."

When you are aware of the laws of the Cosmos, you are no longer living a life in fear of things happening TO you because you learn and know that things happen THROUGH you. You can use the Cosmic laws to your benefit. One good example of a Cosmic law is the law of the pendulum which swings both ways. What this means is that situations that you feel stuck in DO swing the other way, releasing you from being stuck. This is a law and is inevitable, so this law brings you tranquillity, knowing you are NEVER stuck in any situation...the pendulum swings and it never stops swinging.

You contain all there is, so by examining yourself, you are examining all of existence. To look within is the way of enlightenment. Many seem afraid of what they will find when they look within. Looking within does take courage and does take getting used to but it will not cause your demise. Quite the contrary, using discernment, self-examination will bring you peace, serenity and most importantly, tranquillity.

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