Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Right Path

Everyone is on the right path...for them. How do I know this? I know this because I am in touch with my soul who has shown me through my own example, experience and the examples, experiences of others including others close to me, that our souls drive the bus despite the operating of free will in our lives.

What am I saying here? I am saying that your overall life path is NOT determined by your persona/psyche/ego; it is determined by your soul who has incarnated to correct itself through Earthly experiences. When I say correct itself, I mean your soul seeks to balance its awareness of its Spiritual expansion. Our souls come here to learn Spiritual realities, understandings, lessons that ever expand our soul's awareness. This is what free will and karma is about.

What do free will and karma have to do with our soul's seeking of balance? As I have experienced it, free will, the operation of my persona/psyche/ego allows me to progress on my soul's path or make detours that takes me away from my soul's path for a moment. The soul knows no time or space, so it allows the machinations of the persona, only to eventually come back to its original plan for a particular lifetime or...not. Sometimes, it takes more than one life time to learn a Spiritual truth. This truth could be to learn that it's not about me, me, me. It's about helping others to achieve their life goals including your own. Not for myself alone is a major Spiritual truth to learn. This is just one example of an infinite number of Spiritual awarenesses we learn.

As far as karma is concerned, this is also a way to teach your soul what it feels like when you treat someone a certain way or act a certain way in that you receive that treatment or action back on yourself, good or bad. You get to understand how that treatment or action really feels by experiencing it yourself. Sometimes very quickly, sometimes in other lifetimes. This causes your soul to grow in awareness and each of us is on that path of soul growth no matter how long it takes. Therefore, we are all always on the right path for ourselves even though there are twists and turns in our journey, we eventually arrive at our destination of soul correction, fulfillment and awareness expansion.

I Have witnessed this in operation in myself and others where they were going down their persona's free will path on Earth and their soul interjected a correction in their path by some major or traumatic occurance that got them to adjust back to their soul's original intention for this lifetime.

I have seen some who have listened to their soul's interjection and some who have not. The key is, it's OK. Our souls are eternal and don't think like a human. For our souls, we are always on the right path as time has nothing to do with it.

We all eventually learn on a soul level the intent of our soul and its desire for Spiritual expansion.

May I encourage you to become more aware of your soul's stirrings and perhaps listen more to what it tells you.

You might find yourself being more in the right place at the right time!!!

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