Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Exalted Self

The Self is really who we are and that spiritual Self is already triumphant, liberated, joyous in achievement and the highest in attainment. There is also only one Self here. This is vital and important to consider in light of all the lack of self-worth and self-esteem that is so prevalent in human beings on the planet right now. It is very critical to see the truth of this because of all the lower egotistical behavior on the planet rife with the belief system that "I am better than you!"

We must see that we are already a success and happy when we arrive here. We are NOT born in original sin. Our births are a sacred manifestation of our eternal souls and the Universe makes no mistakes. We are also ONE and all the in-fighting that one group of believers is better or more right than another is a great misperception on the part of mankind as WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!!

Your triumph, your liberation, your joy, your achievement are already assured at birth as you have been gifted as human beings with the spiritual blueprint for success and happiness.  The problem with human beings is their allowance of lower thought forms, maligned belief systems designed to keep humans bound in suffering to be their dominant way of living. This is the greatest stupidity and mistake of mankind.

You are not less than, you are not a piece of garbage, you are not a mistake. You are the exalted Self manifested in human form to enjoy and play through the experience of the human condition for the purpose of expanding your soul's awareness. Lifetime after lifetime, you come back to get a soul correction that is germain to you. You come to Earth to learn and it is meant to be positive despite what you have been taught to think.


Life on Earth is NOT meant to be a suffering. It is meant to be an exaltation of triumph.

Switch your thinking and see the beauty in everything.

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