Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stop Crying...There Is No Death

Stop crying for your loved one who died. They did not die and there is no death. Death is a made up construct of the persona/psyche/ego.

It was a traumatic shock when my wife died suddenly on her 59th birthday!!! What I perceived as her death turned out not to be her death at all and helped me to turn my concept about death totally around as in a 360 degree turn.

What I discovered about what we call death is actually going back to life, being born. Yes, dying is being born back into who and what we are-spiritual beings-our real state of existence, not the physical state. The physical state is a temporary fixation and projection of the soul into a lower vibrating dimension. Our real state of life is in higher vibrating dimensions in which we do everything we do here but in a less dense realm.

I continued to communicate with my wife after she passed away through synchronicities where things would happen that were a sign from her like my passing a souvenir shop a few weeks after she died and hearing our favorite Billy Joel song, "Don't Go Changing..." on their sound system or the song, "What I did for Love" from "A Chorus Line" suddenly playing in my mind as I drifted off to sleep one night. We used to sing that song together all the time. There were many other synchronicities, visitations, psychic images of her, her fragrances coming in the middle of the night and a year and a half of automatic journaling in which we spoke to each other as well as many vivid dreams of us.

During the journaling she told me that she was still here, that there is no death, that no death is inappropriate and that you can't die if your soul doesn't want to or is not ready. Your soul determines your death.

I feel her soul all the time through images of her, dreams and projections of her soul that I pick up as psychic feelings. She has spoken to me clairaudiently. I actually heard her unmistakeable voice.

The so-called "other side" is right here vibrating on a higher dimensional frequency fairly close to ours. One must be open to this realm(s) in order to perceive it. It is not as Hollywood has and continues to portray it. That's all fake.

The reality is that it is a beautiful experience to be in communion with our loved ones who have died. Spirit is not a boogieman, evil or some distorted or demented being. Spirit is not dark, it is Love and Light.

There is much to learn from them. I have done this and now recognize that there is no death. All who have died are either back in a new body or they are right here with us. This is the real way it is and not the funereal way created by a business interested in making money from death.

Open yourself to Spirit. It is the best teacher.

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