Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spiritual Doer or Spiritual Student?

Spiritual action or Spiritual studying? Are you a Spiritual doer or Spiritual student?

I am sensing the time of being a Spiritual student being over and the time of Spiritual doing at hand. It is high time that you put your Spiritual information into practice. No more fence sitting where you scapegoat the Universe! What does it mean to be a Spiritual doer?

Spiritual doing is being the expression that you are of the creative Source Infinite Intelligence and recognizing that your soul creates your human experience. We are divine beings in a manifested realm who are not victims of circumstance but rather all-powerful creators of our circumstance.

Spiritual doing is simply knowing that you are a manifestor, a creator of your experiences in life and that accepting, allowing and choosing that you are a conscious being who is responsible for your creations, your life, your experience is the example of your power as a Spiritual doer.

We are all-powerful creators of our circumstances. We are responsible for all of it.

What we choose has consequences, so as a Spiritual doer, choose consciously, with discernment and wisdom.

Spiritual doing is doing from the perspective that you are an expression of God. You have been gifted with the powers of creation.

You are the actor here. Nothing is acting on you.

Stop studying how this works. You already know. Don't give up your power to another. It's time to realize that the expresser and the expressed are one and you are that one.

Time to be a Spiritual doer. Get busy.

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