Wednesday, January 27, 2016


There's only one person in the world, even in the Universe who can sabotage you in any way: yourself.

There is no boogie man, evil being, other human who can sabotage you unless you allow them to.

The truth is that we sabotage ourselves and here are seven main ways we do it:

1. Negative self-talk.

2. Trying to fit in.

3. Ignoring our needs.

4. Trying too hard.

5. Procrastinating.

6. Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol.

7. Mindless eating of "comfort foods."

As I said, these are seven main ways we derail ourselves from being all that we already are. I am sure there are more destructive patterns that we humans engage in to distract ourselves from the truth of our wholeness that already exists as a de facto state of being. We come in whole. We come into body so that our soul can experience its own growth of Spiritual awareness. Again, that's growth in awareness not wholeness. Our wholeness is everything we are made up of and we humans tend to allow our egos to be angry, self-absorbed, depressed, stubborn and/or an array of other problematic mind and behavioral states while refusing the need for some self-improvement.

Don't allow your persona/psyche/ego to get the best of you by sabotaging your wisdom path with unnecessary distraction or distortions.

You are really here in human form to grow on a soul basis. That growth is growth in Spiritual awareness.

Instead of sabotaging it, instead of self-destruction, self-disruption, try self-devotion. Honor who and what you are, both good and bad with no harm to self or other-self.

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