Saturday, January 9, 2016

Self-importance...Mankind's Greatest Disease

Man's feeling of self-importance is one of  humankind's greatest diseases in my perception. It says, "I am more important than you, I am better than you." This attitude of self-importance is directed at everything from religion and politics to money and work.

People of different religions believe theirs is better than yours and call yours a "false" religion. Those in positions of political power believe they deserve more than their constituency. Those with more money believe they are "better" and smarter and know more than those with less money. Those who are in so-called life-saving jobs believe they are doing more important work than you. Self-importance.

From a spiritual perspective, every human being is important not in the way of "self-importance" as it relates to persona/psyche/ego but as it relates to being a piece of Spirit, of God, of Soul in form. In the spiritual sense, we all share the SAME importance, to achieve expansion of soul wisdom through our Earthly experience. If you are in body, this is your goal: to learn from your experiences for your soul-growth!

The problem is that others convince us of their self-importance and make us believe that we should give up our power to them because they are somehow better than us. This has caused all the world's destruction for eons of mankind's existence.

It is time to relinquish self-importance for mutual respect, appreciation, consideration, Love, compassion and kindness and including these values toward the self. No one is better than anyone else no matter their religion, job, money, station in life. We are all here to have different experiences and it is time to see the sacredness in each person we encounter, not to judge someone because they are not like us.

Each incarnated human is sacred, special, honorable and important. It doesn't matter what you do, what matters is what you are: a magnificent soul incarnated in this physical Universe having chosen to be here to navigate the ups and downs of human life to expand your awareness.

Soul-growth in itself is important enough and means an end to the disease of "self-importance."

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