Sunday, January 3, 2016

"Not For Myself Alone"

One of the essential tenets of Kabbalah, the study of Judaic mysticism, posits, "not for myself alone." What does this mean and why is it important for today?

It means that we don't live to think only of ourselves. We think of others first while also not forgetting ourselves. It's not just about our own self-aggrandizement that mostly leaves us unfulfilled. It is about being in service to others because when you forget the self, you lose your fear.

When you concentrate on others, you leave your troubles behind for a while and you gain the perspective that you are not the only one enduring the human experience. You gain comfort knowing you are not alone.

To a greater degree, when you come from the place of "not for myself alone," you realize that we are all made up of the same Self, the same Spirit, we all have a soul. As you treat your neighbor, you are treating yourself.

You learn also to be thoughtful of others, to be kind, compassionate, tolerant, understanding, patient and loving for the other person is essentially you.

This state of of being is not easy. It takes effort to gain this perspective and is one of the greatest states you will achieve in a lifetime.

When you gain the perspective of "not for myself alone" you gain an indelible connection to Spirit on the road to realizing unity consciousness. There is no "alone."

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