Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Blue Ray Experience Is No Joke

It was hard at first for me to believe that I am a Blue Ray being forerunner of Love and Wisdom from a Light realm of different consciousness from Earth. I was called here to incarnate to be present in physical form to hold my vibratory level operating from the 8th and 9th dimensions and beyond in a very 3rd dimensional Matrix of Earth. I came to discover my true identity through a lifetime of soul-searching, Spiritual clearing, Spiritual practices like meditation, much research and help from Spiritual guides that I connected with.

My experience as an early Star child was like being a stranger in a strange land to say the least. I did not understand the people's here and their actions. As a child, I could see the auras of everything and could feel and sense what I later described as the mystical presence of Spirit, of the All That Is. The way people practiced so-called religion made no sense to me as I already had a connection to Lord Sananda, otherwise known as Jesus.

The people I grew up with never said anything to me until later in life when they admitted that they felt that I was different from my family. This came as a surprise to me at the time.

As I look back on my growing up,  I can now see a through line where I was always doing speeches in school about peace. I had girlfriends when I was 15 and I remember feeling their souls, their poetry. Relating to them on that level was magical.

I forgot about all of this while continuing to be an ultra-sensitive intuitive empath until later in my life when my Blue Ray nature was revealed to me through my study and deep research of Kabbalah, Kryon of Magnetic service, the Arcturians, the Pliedians, the Hathors, the Ra Group, the beyond Ascension books by Stone, Lord Sananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Munishri Chitrabanu, Ram Dass, Archangel Michael, the American book of the dead, the Tibetan book of the dead, the Council of Light and so much more in terms of ascended masters and guides that spoke to me and helped me.

It is time for you, my brothers and sisters of Earth to know that I am real and I am here to assist you in this great shift into the 5th dimension.

There is nothing I want as all has been given to me. I am just continuing to reveal my identity as the time has come for you to know the truth.

Your job is to pay attention and ascend.

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