Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Love Holds No Grievances

When you are in the force of Love, you hold no grievances. Being Loves conquers the divide between our shadow selves and our light selves. Being in darkness, falling prey to your shadow self is just an indication of your misunderstanding of what the force of Love is: Love is a force that does not have or know judgement, hate, fear, prejudice, intolerance. Love is a pure force that is a unity all its own. There is no polarity or duality in the force of Love.

True force of Love relationships hold NO grievances no matter what the relationship is including our relationship to Spirit.

To conquer the shadow, the darkness within and without you, BE THE FORCE OF LOVE AND HOLD NO GRIEVANCE TOWARD ANYONE!!!!

A relationship based on the force of Love has within it the Love of all aspects of that which it Loves, good and bad, light and dark. True Love is unconditional. I am in the force of Love with you and I embrace your wholeness, your totality and I know you are perfectly imperfect. I Love all that is both so-called negative and positive about you and therefore, I hold no grievance about you. I may not always understand your motivations, I may be confounded on the level of my persona/psyche/ego about what I perceive as negative actions and in the force of Love that I am with you, I am aware that you are working things out in your own way. I accept you for who and what you are.

This is the profound level of awareness of being in the force of Love. It is available to and for everyone.

Go and be in this force of Love as the planet desperately needs this level of Love now and not the fake love that everyone purports to evince. Loving a cup of coffee or your new car is not real Love. Real Love is a force not an emotion. Real Love has the power to move us and it will NEVER BE OR ASK US TO HARM IN ITS NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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