Sunday, January 31, 2016

Know Thy Self

"If the mind knows itself, then the most important aspect of healing has occurred. Consciousness is the microcosm of the Law of One." From the medicine shield of John Bernstein as contrary realization of Self.

When we are in contrary realization of Self, there is an imbalance, tipping us humans toward separation from the reality of the Law of One. We are too much away from knowing the real nature of ourselves because we refuse to know that we are one with Self and there is only one Self here.

We come back into balance and therefore healing when we connect back to our essential nature where the mind grasps itself as a part of the One. We also realize that we are a multidimensional consciousness in microcosmic form just like one of the cells in our bodies are a microcosm of us.

How do we help this mind of ours know itself better to stay in balance and heal ourselves? I have found it to be simply connecting with the Spirit that is inside you. This comes through meditation, contemplation, solitude and focusing within. Then, you will find the within, within everything. You will find there is only within and what you seek is there and not in a distraction outside yourself.

The most important aspect of healing is knowing you are a consciousness in form.

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