Friday, January 1, 2016

It Either Is Or It Isn't

I have come to see that it doesn't matter what the reason is. It either is or it isn't! We human beings tend to rationalize everything to make ourselves feel better. Sometimes, there is no rationale and sometimes there is! To me, if something doesn't happen, I stop making excuses. I stop asking why. It doesn't matter why. It's either there or it isn't there.

Accept what is with grace until more information is provided to you. Don't ruminate. Do the best you can in the situation. Be clear in what YOU feel.

There are many reasons why people do things to, for and with you. While it's comforting to know peoples' motivation for their actions as it concerns YOU, you cannot alter other people's free will choices. People are going to do what they are going to do, I have found!

You may wish to influence someone to lean in your direction and do the thing you want them to do to, for and with you. It's OK to want something for yourself but remember that they are sovereign just like you and have their reasons for doing things just like you. We as a species always look for motivations. I love to ask questions and sometimes whys just beget more whys.

In the long run, you just need to be OK with YOU no matter what happens, what the excuses are, whether it is or isn't, for in the grander scope of things, it really doesn't matter. What really matters is YOUR own balance, harmony, inner peace and calmness.

Think of others, be considerate and never forget yourself. You are important too. You matter too.

Whatever the reason, it either is or it isn't. Being OK with that is an important step on the Wisdom Path.

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