Friday, January 29, 2016

Silence The Mind

From my experience, the mind must be opened like a door----the key, is silence.

When I say mind, I am not talking about the brain because the mind is not created by the brain, the brain is simply a receiving station for the quantum nature of mind. Wherever you go in the Cosmos, mind is there.

Mind is the ALL THERE IS and we receive messages from the ALL THERE IS in a constant flow of ideas, thoughts, imaginings, daydreams, psychic signals and much, much more. In order to open the mind, that is, to connect with the deeper whispers of the ALL THERE IS through our pineal gland, we must be open to silencing the busy traffic of the monkey mind that chatters incessantly.

How is silencing done? It is done by constant practicing of focusing mental energies upon a single point and this is called meditation. What we are doing by silencing our mind and focusing it is tuning our mental energies to higher frequencies through which the ALL THERE IS communicates.

Please understand that our regular level of mind chatter is also a piece of the ALL THERE IS but is a lower frequency of mind. Higher mind levels cannot be tapped into unless we have more clarity of mind, in other words, we clear the channels of our mentality. Clarity of mind comes from focus of mind and that comes from silencing the mind through meditation so you can hear the voice of the ALL THERE IS more clearly.

This connection to the ALL THAT IS is what meditation is for, what it's all about. This silencing of the monkey mind is the key that opens the door to higher levels of mind, higher frequencies of mind that are not concerned with mindless chatter. Take a step into the void. It is a place of magic.

When you enter the higher realms of mind, you speak directly with God, that is, the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence, the ALL THERE IS.

Don't be doubtful or hesitant to hear this voice. Now that you have the key, go open the door, God is waiting for you.

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