Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Today, after a day off on Martin Luther King, Jr. day, let's not get caught up in the chaos of the adult world where fear, greed and suffering are common place. Place your attention today on getting relief from seriousness and severity.

First, open your heart to those things that gave you joy as a child. Second, remember the preciousness of fantasy and imagination and, third, honor the playfulness of Spirit that lets everyone win.

Yes, we are all winners in this game of life for we have chosen to be here. When you see life from that perspective, you live your life differently by taking responsibility for your actions as they create your reality.

YOU CHOOSE YOUR REALITY.  If you come from the level of fear, greed and suffering, that's what the Universe will provide you back in your experience in a never ending do-loop of the same experiences and lessons over and over again.

Fear, greed and suffering are NOT morally superior states of being. They are low vibratory levels of existence that are not good enough for such noble beings as ourselves.

Get out of the do-loop of chaos by opening yourself up to the higher vibratory dimensions of Love, peace, innocence, compassion, kindness, imagination, playfulness and fantasy. It's no mistake that Disney's "imagineering" is wildly successful!!!

This IS simple (I hear you saying it's difficult). Just decide to open yourself up to these higher dimensional qualities.

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