Wednesday, January 6, 2016

If You're Confused, You Should Be

Are you confused? Do you see confusion all around you? Look around at the behaviors of humans on the planet right now. It is indicative of the highest confusion. People are saying and doing things that are simply out of whack. Why is this?

Confusion is reigning on the planet because we have shifted out of our 3 D dimensional reality and most continue to believe they are in the matrix when it is gone and we are vibrating at a 4th and 5th dimensional frequency making many 3 D beliefs archaic, barbaric, old hat, finished and obsolete.

There are many areas where we can see the shift: equal pay for women, paying workers a livable wage, black lives matter, moving away from a dependence on fossil fuel, using indigenous plants to heal, the rise of transgender awareness, the rise of the LGBT movement, the move from religion to spirituality, Pope Francis' progressive stance, the coming changes to our banking system to a more balanced economic reality and so much more.

The confusion stems from many who don't want to shift into the higher vibrations and feel like fish out of water or what we see as "confusion." The confused are holding onto their archaic belief systems for dear life. For example, in the economic sector, greed in a bygone dynamic. Yet, many in that sector continue their greedy, one sided approach. Just look at the Teabag wing of the Republican US Congress.They are trying to hold on to old energy, not that some of their conservative view points don't have some merit, they do but they must be careful not to be hypocrites.

The days of old, worn out, 3 D belief systems are over. What was is not here any more. We are in a new vibration of equality, Love, compassion, kindness, tolerance, integrity, peace and wisdom. Acting and believing otherwise leads to confusion, feeling out of sorts like you don't belong here...and you don't if you still think you're on the same planet as before the shift.

Those who are desperately clinging, hanging on to what was, are in a last ditch effort to keep the old status quo. Look around. It is not hard to see their desperation. Try as they might, it's a losing proposition. The shift has happened. We are in 4 D and beyond. Either get with it or stay in confusion. Your choice but please remember the consequences. 3 D is and will be completely eradicated.

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