Monday, January 11, 2016

I Am Not A Prisoner

I am not a prisoner in this world but a voyager through it. Why Am I not a prisoner of this 3 D Matrix?

The essential reason I am not a prisoner here but a voyager is because I have made the distinction between the thoughts of my persona/psyche/ego and my Spirit. I know the difference in how each of those components of my being "thinks."

My persona/psyche/ego thinks in survival mode and my Spirit knows it is in sustainance. My persona/psyche/ego lives as a victim, my Spirit is a victor. My persona/psyche/ego lives with the sensibility of lack and my Spirit is abundance consciousness. My persona/psyche/ego lives in a limited perspective of death, my Spirit knows that it's life is everlasting.

I am not a prisoner here because I choose to live on the level of Spirit while at the same time I live with my persona/psyche/ego in a relationship of compassion and Love by parenting my ego and giving it comfort in times of alarm.

Nothing can harm the real and my Spirit is the real construct here. I have gained mastery over the 3 D Matrix by controlling my physical, emotional and mental being in relationship with my Spiritual being.

This can be accomplished by everyone and must be accomplished in order achieve true happiness meaning you are not at the behest of your persona/psyche/ego. It is a tool for you to use to navigate as you journey through the ups and downs of being a complex human being with the ego aspect that tries to control you. That's the key to not being a prisoner here. You control you. You make the decisions, not your ego. The YOU is the Spiritual YOU.

Move through life soulfully and you will find your persona/psyche/ego falling in step with the whispers of your Spirit, whispers that set you free.

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