Friday, January 22, 2016

You Are The Matrix

Whatever "Matrix" You are in, that's you because, there is no "Matrix" without the you in it. The "Matrix" exists because You are in it. You are that "Matix" because how you perceive it, sense it, experience it is you,  is your choice, is your belief system, your reality. When You look out into a world, You are not seeing a world, you are seeing "you."

Whatever your experience is in any "Matrix" tells you a lot about you. It tells you what level of consciousness you are functioning at because what you see in it, it's people's, it's activities, it's culture is about you, not them. There is no one else in the "Matrix" but you. The wife, husband, child, friend, significant other, relative, job, war, killing, loving, etc. is you and only you.

You created your "Matrix," so it is unique to you. Blaming what happens to you on "out there" is really blaming yourself. Blaming another for your situation, feelings, life, etc. is really blaming yourself because there really is no "out there" or "other." There is only one Self here manifested in an infinite variety of persona's/psyches/egos who each perceive their creation in their own inimitable way.

Without your consciousness, your awareness, there is no "Matix." You have to be conscious and aware of life to experience it unless you are in the void just being. You still have awareness in the void and it is not like being in a"Matrix" that supplies your sensations and perceptions with stimuli.

All that happens through you in a so-called sensate experience is an interpretation unique to your level of perception based on your level of consciousness and awareness. If you want an expanded experience of ANY "Matrix," expand your awareness.

There is much to perceive in any "Matrix." That perception depends on you. You are the experiencer and the experience, the observer and the observed, the perveiver and the perceived.

To solve any problem, look within, not "out there." There is NO " out there." You are the "Matrix." What you're seeing when you see the"Matrix" is YOU!

How do you deal with, feel about, YOU?

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