Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Honor Your Self Expression

Your persona/psyche/ego is an expression of your soul and your soul is an expression of your Spirit or over-soul or what is called your monad. Your reason for being here and being in general is to express who you are. Honor that expression by not only being everything you can be but excepting your self expression in human format whatever that is. Of course, I am advocating contributing in a positive, constructive way.

This honoring of your self expression is, in my mind, an essential ingredient to being happy, fulfilled and productive in life and it begs you to be exactly who you are in expressing your positive gifts, talents, abilities and truths unabashedly. Bring forth that which will uplift.

We all have self expression and it is your job, your goal to find what yours is in life and refine it. It can be as simple as expressing yourself in the culinary arts as a fine pastry chef or a more scientific expression as an astrophysicist. There is no lower or higher, better or worse when it comes to self expression, only different. Look at the difference between the way film maker Tim Burton expresses his artistry versus Barak Obama's analytical approach to governing. They are both expressing themselves as essentially who they are and as a result, the entire world benefits. Never hide who you are.

When you express your essential persona/psyche/ego in combination with your soul/Spirit, you touch the very fabric of life with your intention making life more beautiful for everyone. Look at how the world reacted to David Bowie's passing. We miss having such a being as David Bowie because he was such a unique artist expressing the very fiber of his being which we all enjoyed. His self expression changed the world. He was not afraid to honor his self expression no matter how eccentric people thought he was. In some undefinable way, he changed all of us with his self expression and I am talking about for the better.

The same is possible for all of us when we honor our self expression. Release what's in your soul for your own and the world's betterment. It does not matter what level it is on. When you are essentially you, you are bringing to bear the sacred stardust of the Universe to manifest in form.

This is the greatest yearning of your soul. Honor that positive manifestation.

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