Thursday, January 7, 2016

Honor And Trust Your Feelings

Honor and trust your feelings, they don't lie! I am not talking about the musings of your ego or your intellect where your murderous unconscious can work it's damage. I am not talking about the whispers of the unbalanced mind. I am not talking about what we define as clinical depression or other psychosis which we can work with in different ways and may need intervention from the outside. I am talking about the language of the soul that speaks to you through feelings within the so-called normal range and this will not come in words. This will come in emotion.

My advice about listening to your feelings is when you have them, stop running away from them and look directly at your sorrow, anger, hate, jealousy, resentment, boredom, frustration, etc. and listen to what it is trying to tell you. Don't cavalierly ignore how you are feeling or try to suppress or mute how you feel no matter how spiritually advanced you believe you are. Confront your feelings and understand why you are feeling this way. Why your soul is communicating these feelings is a tool of discovery about yourself.  We have all had our buttons pushed and this reveals the issues in ourselves that we can learn from. Learning how to handle overwhelming feelings WITHOUT crashing and burning is the mark of great maturity, inner strength. It's not easy. It's much easier to take a drug or a drink but that never solves why you are feeling the way you do. Your soul will keep pestering you until you deal with, until you face your feelings because it's trying to tell you something.  It must be resolved in a positive way without harm to yourself or others in any way as being proactive is the wisdom way.

I cannot stress enough that I am NOT advocating giving free reign to unbalanced feelings that want to harm yourself and others. While feelings can overwhelm us and sometimes drive us to destructive actions AND constructive actions, knowing what your soul is trying to tell you and taking loving actions to deal with your feelings is the mark of emotional strength, healing, understanding and wisdom.

The more you are able to handle the powerful language of your soul, the more you will be able to handle your feelings. The key is to handle them, sit with them and analyze them, not ignore them, not stuff them into your subconscious hoping they will go away.

Listening and speaking with your soul is the mark of strength, not weakness. It is a mark of enlightenment, so honor and trust your feelings as your soul never steers you wrong.

Remember to learn the difference between ego talk and soul talk.

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