Sunday, January 17, 2016

Good Intent

Make sure your intent in everything you think, feel, say and do is of positive intent. What I mean is that your intent is not malicious. You can show anger, shout, even say so-called bad words with positive intent that is meant to express frustration, doubt, fear, anger, insecurities but in your heart is not meant to harm yourself or another. Positive intent is never meant to denigrate.

Negative intent is more harmful than the actual stress of your angry words, etc. that are stressing everyone out including yourself. Negative intent itself is the harming agent because it is not the words, thoughts, loudness of your voice that harms. It is your inner mean, negative intent, your inner bad motivation, what it is you wish to happen that is harmful.

If your intent is to correct in a positive way, to show concern, to help, to be Love, you are not causing detrimental harm. Positive intent can be felt for what it is: a way of uplifting for the good of another. Negative intent can be felt as a tearing down, as a putting down, as a harming. There is no love in beating someone down.

The important message is to express yourself in a proactive manner rather than remain silent about what is bothering you but to do it in a way that reflects compassion. Being silent does not help anyone. Better to express your anger than hold it in. Better to have a relationship where you can express your inner angst rather than suppress it. The answer to health is letting it out without detrimental effects.

When you absolutely need to use your anger, etc., remember not to personally tear someone down. That will come back on you. In some way, negative intent will be unleashed on you to show you how it feels. That's called karma.

Create good karma for yourself with positive intent, positive motivation.

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