Friday, January 15, 2016

"Embodied Enlightenment"

Being enlightened isn't a spiritual concept, it is a state of being in which you live your life bringing your new energies of an enlightened one to bear on all the aspects of being human, ultimately choosing to face yourself. You are no longer in separation consciousness. You are OK being embodied with Spirit.

 You embody your enlightenment in all your doings and your daily, living focus is on light and love. You no longer fear, worry or have anxiety because you connect to your soul that is a timeless being aware that everything is where and how it should be.

Embodied enlightenment is living as an enlightened being in the every day simple life you lead from the happy way you get out of bed in the morning to what food you choose to put in your body. As an embodied enlightened one, you are very aware that every act, thought, feeling, physicality, spiritual experience is a sacred moment that is a feeling, a sense, an experience that you bring to everything while maintaining an every day aura about yourself. You don't bring a holier than thou attitude to life. You bring a simple happiness that stays with you no matter what because it is embody it. It stays with you. It is not fake or overblown. It's just the way you live.

The way you practice embodied enlightenment is through meditation, fasting, charity, kindness, compassion, no judgement, tolerance, acceptance, love and wisdom.

The embodied enlightened one does not love for you ARE love. You are in the force of love which is what has awoken in you.

Embodied enlightenment is being love now. It is not grandiose. It is how you treat yourself and others.

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