Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Don't Make A Thing Of It

Worse than the thing itself, is all the psychic energy we humans make over doing things. We think with an unrealistic perfectionist impulse. A good example for this time of year is going on a so-called "diet." We want to lose weight and when we don't, we fret or we fret about what we should eat. It's not the eating or diet that's going to kill you, it's all the drama! We make a big thing over the thing itself causing more stress and frustration than needed. There's more negativity in making a thing over something than in the actual thing itself.

How can we not make a thing of the things we do?

First, we can approach doing things with a light-hearted attitude. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Watch out for too much self-importance as that is the realm of the lower ego that keeps you in a mind set of being insufferable. Lighten up. Go on no diet. Just stop eating as much and change what you eat to less fattening foods. Eat to your satisfaction not to your indigestion!

Don't complicate the thing you do with over thinking it. If the thing doesn't work, try again. Don't beat yourself up. Go a little Zen on yourself and remember that life is just an experience for the soul. You choose how and what you want to experience. Choose wisely and enjoy the experience, good or bad. That's right, good or bad. Life is about ups and downs and when you accept this, you won't make such a big thing out of doing a thing and what the result is.

Develop this perspective of light-heartedness and any task becomes small stuff that you'll never sweat. Leave the days of beating yourself up for so-called mistakes behind you because there are no mistakes, no such thing. There are only consequences of our actions which we are here to learn from. Once you have learned, move on. No need for fretting. You've completed learning something and that's all your soul desires. That experience in which it gained some expansion of its awareness is all that it wanted. When learning happens all you have to say is "next." Just commit to learning from your experience or else you'll be on a life-long merry-go-round. That's a bore!

Accept learning. Stop over analyzing.

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